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Confucianism Essay

  • Submitted by: pindog
  • on November 12, 2012
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The Art and Worship of Respect: Confucianism

  I. Introduction
      A. Personal experience
      B. Christianity over Confucianism
  II. Pre-Confucianism Era
      C. Development of Early China
      D. Early Chinese Religious Practice
  III. Confucianism
      E. Confucius
        1. Origin
        2. History
      F. Early Confucian Theology
        3. Humanity
        4. Ritual
        5. Filial piety
  IV. Modern Confucianism
      G. Teachings of Mencius
      H. Teachings of Hsui-tzu
      I. Contemporary Confucianism
  V. Christian Witness to Confucians
      J. Similarities of Religions
      K. Sharing the Christian Faith
  VI. Conclusion


Growing up with a Korean background, Koreans may be curious about where our cultural lifestyle came from. Why do younger Koreans have to bow to greet an older person? Why do we have to wait to eat until the eldest person in the family starts eating? Why do people prepare rituals to their ancestors? These are questions one may ask. However, finding the answers was not a big issue because as long as the principles were followed, there were no issues to be discussed or solved. Typical Adventist parents usually emphasized the Ten Commandments, particularly “Honor your father and mother,” “Remember to keep the Sabbath,” and “Do not give false testimony against your neighbor.” They also encourage children to do their best.
During fourth grade in Korea, the researcher received a book from his grandfather that was written in Chinese with Korean translations. The title of the book in Korean was “Sam Kang Oh Ryun,” which can be translated as “The Three Moral Rules to Practice Five Human Relations.” The book gave some answers to the questions. The principles mentioned were that servants should serve their king, sons should serve their fathers, and wives should serve their husbands. The five human relationships...

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