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Connection of Paintings to Their Time Essay

  • Submitted by: AhmedMansaray
  • on January 6, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Below is an essay on "Connection of Paintings to Their Time" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Name: Ahmed Mansaray




Research Paper

      Through the course of mankind many people have come and gone. These people belonged to different cultures. Each culture showed us different styles of living. Each style showed us different aspects or different eras of a civilization. And each civilization showed us different prospects of itself. How did we manage to know these things about our earlier ancestors, is a question that some ask constantly. Well, the answer is not far from reach. It is a simple answer that takes no genius to reply. It is through paintings, and in the early stages of development of the human race, it is safe to say that it was through carvings on the wall. These drawings are so accurate and detailed and help us indicate the things that earlier civilizations were all about.

      We might as well start from the beginning of time. Here the focus of the paintings that are still carved into rocks to our day but luckily for us these are saved in museums. These paintings were mostly about how great kings and leaders of that time were perceived in the eyes of their people. However, not all of these of paintings carry credibility for one reason because this period in human history had a lot of tyrants that liked to carve themselves in rocks, and make it look like the people of their people actually liked them. Some of these carvings are so detailed that at a single glance you can know exactly what the thought of the carvers were. A carving from Persia shows a king standing on a hill and a group of little people below the hill. After a second glance we realize that this carving was nothing more than the fact that this King thought of himself as god and wanted to be worshipped by his people.

      And as time furthered these carvings took different shapes and form just like the evolution of mankind. The carvings became softer but still carried a lot of value to the people who did them. Instead of...

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