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Constitutional Republic Essay

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  • on January 25, 2013
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Our country is made up of three different types of government. The three types of government is the Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, and Judicial Branch.  
The legislative Branch is made up of our congress, and the congress is made up of the House of Representatives and Senate. The Executive Branch is made up of the President of the United States of America and the Vice President. The Judicial Branch is made up of the Supreme court.
The men who brought up the constitution wanted to make a government that did not give to much power to one man. They learned their lesson with the British King. But the Articles of Confederation taught them that they need a strong centralized government. So they developed the Constitution to divide the powers of the government into different branches. Which is where the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branch came in to place. Each branch has its own duties or things that they do to ensure that our country runs smoothly.
To help ensure that the branches do not become to powerful, all three branches “keeps an eye” on each other. This is done through Checks and Balance. A good example of how the Checks and Balance system works is how the laws are made. In order for a law to become a law, the Legislative branch has to vote on a bill. Then after the Legislative branch votes on it, it then goes to the Executive branch which from there the President of the United States decides if it is a good bill for our country. From there if the President signs it and says yes then it becomes a law, but if he thinks that it is not a good law for our country it then the legislative branch has a second chance to make it a law. If they get enough votes on the bill the Legislative branch can override the executive branch. From there it becomes a law. But wait it’s not over yet, it then has to go to court. Which is where the Judicial branch comes in. They take it to court and test it.
Now lets get into detail with the government branches. The...

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