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Consumer Research Essay

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Below is an essay on "Consumer Research" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Research question- how the music industry has changed over time.

Research Method- I will be taking interviews from production houses and friends and family and research on how a consumers tastes and preferences have changed and how an artist is now a brand.

Doctor Maerhofer, chair of Fine Arts and Humanities at the College of Southern Maryland says, “The biggest change in the music industry to me has been the way they market music.” This is one of the biggest changes I have noticed as well. When I talk to my father about this he always talks about how back in the day music and artists like the blues had a lot more soul to their music. According to him it had a lot of meaning and depth to it and it only took talent to be a successful artist but today the entire package matters. A great example of that are the songs that the Beatles sang, they always sang about the girl looking at them or going out for a date or at the most, holding their hands. On the contrary, the artists today, namely Enrique, Akon and so on, they sing about going all the way. Someone who is not as talented but is marketed well can still make it big. If you look at artists like Akon, Lady gaga or even Drake they make a statement with the way they dress and talk whereas if you look at a James Brown things will appear slightly different. Music is slowly moving away from live music straight from the heart towards digital, computerized music that is mainstream and commercially successful. The preferences of consumers are shifting. For example even though Skrillex is in not deep, meaningful music (in my opinion) there still seems to be a huge fan base that really enjoy that genre of music. Another artist who has now a huge fan following Aviccii, personally I never understood the music, and think that it is really repetitive, but the people love it. It is known to be ideal for the people who are “tripping” Todays music is all about, what’s noise to one is really music to another. Another trend of...

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