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Continuous Improvement Essay

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There are numerous methods of communicating with the staff, the management and the wider community, and appropriate and reasonable times to use this communication. Below are the stakeholders and what could be achieved through successful media. 
Appropriate ways to inform the sales team of the outcomes of continuous improvement efforts 

Methods of informing the stakeholders of continuous improvement strategies: 

Stakeholder  | Method  |
Team Members  | Team meeting/briefing session with relevant staff present   |
Team Members, Other Departments, Management  | Intranet: Results and outcomes can be documented and observed by the team, other departments, and the management   |
Team Members  | Forum: Discuss the changes, and immediate feedback of what this is achieving or any shortfalls in the implementation    |
Individual Team Member  | Performance Management review to discuss their goals, linked to organisational goals   |
Managers  | Managers Meeting: Inform of the changes in strategy and what they hope to achieve   |
Managers, Team Members, Individuals, Customers  | Email: Inform of the prescribed changes and implementation results   |
Customers, Team Members, Management, Other Departments  | Newsletter, informing of the desired changes, achievements and outcomes   |
Management, Team Members  | Quantitative Data, graphs and trends: The role each team member plays, and their performance in their area   |
Customers  | Company Website: Provides Information and valuable data of new opportunities for better service and products   |
Customers  | Sales displays at the POS   |
Customers, staff, larger community  | Large scale events of new and improved products, introduction to the company and their belief system  |
Appropriate methods of recording performance of the sales team to identify improvement opportunities 

Annotated performance plan  
  * check time sheets and attendance records 
  * staff member's compliance to...

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