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Contrasting Poems Essay

  • Submitted by: Tiempo
  • on August 20, 2015
  • Category: Arts and Music
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When most of us think about poetry, our repertoire is probably limited to nursery rhymes and perhaps fading memories of sitting on the carpet with 25 other 7 year olds glued to a reading of Mulga Bill’s Bicycle. What many, [SD: gesture] me included, have (perhaps kicking and screaming) come to realise is that poetry is another way we can distil the essence of a moment or a feeling.   What Instagram is to Miley, Taylor and Kim [SD: fake vomit], poetry is to those with a talent for wielding a pen [SD: fencing pose with pen] (or, lap top in the last 20 years) [SD: fencing awkward pose with laptop].

[new slide- images of different poets, chemistry, fig. language] Poets like Bruce Dawe, Oodgeroo Noonuccal, Judith Wright and Co. realised this distillation process when showing us their perception of the Australian landscape.  An Australia that radiates from their various works with a number of different ideas in as many shades and colours.  These snapshots are ones we might think twice about posting on our Facebook page, but images that make all of us think about our role as Australians and the relationship we have with the environment.  
[new slide- images of poet & landscape] While Oodgeroo Noonuccal’s, ‘We Are Going’, leaves us with a bitter snapshot of the damage white Australia has inflicted on sacred indigenous ground. In contrast, Mother Nature lures us mere mortals into a false sense of security in Judith Wright’s ‘The Surfer’.
[New slide] Judith Wright’s poem, ‘The Surfer’ depicts her grass roots love for the natural world and shatters the illusion many Australians have about their ability to control a wild and unpredictable environment.   This is apparent when she captures the surfer’s enjoyment in the simplicity of paddling out the back while she, the speaker, observes from the shore: “...the gulls went wheeling/ in air as he in water, with delight.” Wright’s alliterated analogy paints an innocent picture of the surfer’s pure joy, showing his freedom...

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