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Control Essay

  • Submitted by: cheerdanielle
  • on January 27, 2013
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My Hero

An individual who I can learn from and also rely on would define my sister as a hero. My sister Jessica, twenty years of age and a junior in college, is my hero. In many ways Jessica has proven to fulfill this position. Reliability is an important trait that my hero carrys and proves it through always helping me get through things. Also, Jessica has taught me a variety of life lessons by giving great advice. On many occasions Jessica has shown herself to be my hero through being the person that I can always count on and by being my teacher on life lessons.

Everytime I stumble upon a sticky situation, i know exactly who I can rely on to help me, my hero.   Ever since day one Jessica has always been the one to give me the best possible advice, Whether it's a boyfriend problem or picking out fashionable clothes. Many times i have gone to Jessica for advice on talking to guys, and she always knows exactly what to say. I know i can always count on her to support me. When Visiting from college Jessica makes it her priority to watch me cheer at Friday night football games. She supports my education and is always willing to help with complicated homework. Jessica is a reliable person in my life that I have always been able to count on for being there for me in any predicament.

I look up to my older sister as a rolemodel. Due to the fact that Jessica has a few years on me, a lot of experience, and patience, she is able to teach me quite a number of things. Jessica has done it all, cheer,highschool,drama,homework, and thats just to name a few. Due to the fact that Jessica was previously a cheerleader we are able to relate to a lot of things. She has given me good tips on stunting and cheering. Seeing that Jessica made it through all of this i know that i can too with her beside me. I look up to her in many aspects of life and all the things that she has accomplished. She inspires me to do the best I possibly can and keeps me motivated. In order to be a...

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