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Copyright Example Essay

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Performance is all about precision.
This is the truth in all cases of the word performance.
As frequent supplement users can attest, the ultimate goal of taking said supplements is to improve one’s overall performance. Whether the performance at hand is in the weight room, in the classroom/workplace, in the bedroom (yes, they do make supplements for this too) or merely just the betterment of one’s health, it is no hidden truth that precision is key. The tiniest change in exactness, whether for the better or worse, can have a great effect on our execution overall.
This same principle applies to the use of supplements. It might seem trivial or over the top to measure your supplements to the exact milligram, but that preciseness could go a long ways towards the outcome of using the supplement. That is where the American Weigh Gemini-20 Portable Milligram Scale comes in handy. As a matter of a fact, it does much more than just “come in handy;” it can ultimately be the deciding factor between success and failure.
The Gemini-20 measures your supplement powders down to the very milligram, making it far easier to perfectly blend different bulk supplement powders to create your own unique, one of a kind supplement mix, while putting less strain on one’s bank account. For instance, you could take the trip to your local GNC and spend money on an, in one’s honest opinion, absurdly over-priced product advertised to give you enough energy in the gym to lift until your arms fall off; or you can buy the same ingredients in that product separately, at much cheaper wholesale prices, and mix them yourself. The key of course, as stated previously, is precision. Whether you feel it is best to stick to the original serving size (all of which are measured to the very milligram) or if you feel you prefer more of a certain ingredient to another, the Gemini-20 gives you the power to control that preciseness, in order to deliver one’s optimal performance. This is where the Gemini-20...

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