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Cord Drainage Essay

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Placental cord drainage after vaginal delivery as a part of management of
third stage of labour
Medical journal of babylon –vol.7 No.3-4. 2010:404-409
Melal Mohammed Al –Jeborry, Asmaa Kadhim Gatea , Suha Jassim Witwit
Department of obstetrics and gynecology/ college of medicine/Babylon university
Management of 3rd stage of labour with its unpredictable life threaten complication has
been debated for centuries and still arouses much discussion.
There is some evidence that cord drainage of placental blood may reduce the duration of 3rd
stage of labour and the need for manual removal of placenta.
Aim of the study
To evaluate the effectiveness of placental blood drainage via the umbilical cord in reducing
the duration and blood loss in 3rd stage of labour and the incidence of PPH.
A prospective study involving 200 women having vaginal delivery were divided into
drainage group(100 women) and control group (100 women) .
The main outcome measures were duration of 3rd stage and amount of blood loss .
The mean duration of 3rd stage was ( 5.35+2.3 minutes ) in the study group and ( 8.9+4.9
minutes ) in control group. The average blood loss was ( 184.3+118 ml ) in the study group
and ( 249.7+147 ml ) in control group. Retained placenta was reported in only two cases of
control group which needed manual removal of placenta.
One case of postpartum hemorrhage due to inertia required blood transfusion was reported
in the control group.
Placental cord drainage is simple ,safe, and non invasive method in reducing the duration
and blood loss in 3rd stage of labour thereby preventing PPH.

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The 3rd stage of labour refers to the interval from delivery of the fetus to the separation and
expulsion of the placenta.
The major complication associated with this period is postpartum hemorrhage which is the most
common cause of maternal...

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