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Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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 Introduction
With the development of economy and society, corporations are expected to not only make profits, but also pay attention to environment protection and assumerelevant social responsibility, creating positive effect on society and boosting social management.As a student from China, I will focus my paper on corporate social responsibility in the Chinese business context. According to Thomas J. Donaldson, transnational corporations (TNCs) should attach importance to thefundamental international rights of human beings , because human rights are considered to be foundational for ethics. This right based approach to corporate social responsibility not only respects people’s rights, but also guarantees the survival of human beings. It can be considered as the extension of protecting the interest of certain stakeholders, such as shareholders, customers, employees, and so on.Donaldson’s view shows that the TNCs are not only a profit maker, but also a moral agent. In my opinion, regarded as a moralagent, TNC has the sense of duty to be responsibleto its decisions and activities. However, Friedman thinks that TNCs should only be about profit maximization while obeying the basic rules of the society .In the view of Friedman, it only focuses on the interest of shareholders who are the providers of investment capital of corporations. On the basis of the condition of China, I think Donaldson’s view about corporate social responsibility is more suitable for China. In this paper, I will argue why Donaldson’s view about CSR is more applicable to China. To make this argument, I will first outline the broad of Donaldson’s view, analyzing the strength and weakness when it is applied to China. Second, I will draw on Friedman’s view, focusing on four core values in Friedman’s opinion to argue why this opinion is not applicable to China. Third, I will present some reasons to explain further why Donaldson’s view, the rights based approach to corporate social responsibility,...

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