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Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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  • on October 5, 2012
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Cosmetic Surgery
  1. In text 1, the author of the text, Valerie Ulene, starts out with a kind of understanding of those teenagers who want to have plastic surgery done, and she uses her own dislike to her nose, to show this kind of comprehension. But at the end she says: “As far as my own nose goes, I’ve never really grown to love it. I have grown used to it, however, and have no regrets that it was never “fixed”. It’s simply a part of who I am.”(Text 1, p. 2, l. 61-62). She does not regret, that she never had her nose done, but maybe if she has had the nose job done, there is a chance, that she would regret it.
    Diana Zuckerman, president of the National Research Center for Women and Families, talks about the young teenagers in America, both girls and boys, and how they can be influenced by the bombarding of manipulated images of the ‘perfect woman/man’. The youngsters want to “fit the mold” as she says (Text 1, p. 1, l. 12).
The surgeons who do the plastic surgery, argue with it can improve the self-esteem, even though, as Zuckerman says: “(…) there’s really no data to suggest that it improves their overall body image or self-esteem” (Text 1, p. 1, l. 26-27), but of course, are there teenagers who, after getting a cosmetic surgery done, gets mental ‘easier’ through the adolescence, and as Dr. John Canedy, president of the American Society of Plastic surgery, says: “I’m convinced that there’s a group of teen patients that can be helped by cosmetic surgery, the critical thing is to select them thoughtfully and carefully,”(Text 1, p.2, l.33-36) and what he is saying, does fit Zuckermanns statement, about the bombard of images, because, what he is saying is actually “who have cosmetic surgery done, because they need it – and who have it done, because they want to look like the model from the Vogue-Magazine.”
      The co-author to the book ‘so sexy, so soon’, Jean Killbourne are also agreeing with Zuckerman, because she says “(…) these girls and boys...

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