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Counselling Case Study

  • Submitted by: symasayyah
  • on February 17, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Mary is a star student and she is on the school athletic team, but she has missed class a couple of times recently and failed to hand in her assignments on time.   She also came to team practice but said she was ill and did not play.   Her teacher asked the school helper/listener to have a chat with her.
Sam has been boarding in the school for over two years.   He is 14 and is very charming and nice yet a little overwhelming and since the very beginning when he arrived, on many occasions has been quite aggressive and bad tempered.   He had moved in from the North with his father   who is a military man after he divorced his mum and joined his new partner who lived nearby and for whom he had left his mother, who since the separation, has recently re-married.   Sam does not visit his step-mother at weekends even when invited.   He only goes there when his father is back home for short stops.   He has been causing a lot of trouble recently and was found once to be drinking and smoking on the premises and thus he has been given a couple of notices, and it is becoming very serious.   His house master asked me to have a chat with him again.

I have tried to use similar situation set up so I used a school situation for both my candidates.

In Mary’s case, the helper with counselling skills can help since it is very recent and she seems to try to make an effort, ‘attended the team practice’ - there may be something that is on her mind and the listener may be able to help her to talk about it and open it up for herself, enabling her to understand it better and or sees its importance or relevance and be able to help find a solution or seek help as need be.   She seems to have done her schoolwork, has never been in trouble before and has a good social contribution being a member of the team and is ready and aware in order to help herself.   There may be personal problems - break ups or home problems –
• She has a general good and positive attitude towards and at the school...

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