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Courtroom Players Essay

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  • on August 6, 2015
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Courtroom Players
A courtroom work group according to Schmalleger (2011) is “the professional court room actors, including judges, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, public defenders, and others who earn a living serving the court”.   This is a term that is used to refer to the people who work in the courts on a daily basis they have the professionals and the outsiders. On a daily basis each courtroom work group such as the professionals interact by making sure they follow a code of ethics, cooperation, shared goals, and recognizing the informal rules of civility (Schamlleger, 2011) they are all dedicated to the same outcome which is bringing the procedure to a close.
The role of a prosecutor is to “conduct criminal proceedings on behalf of the state or the people against those accused of having committed a criminal offense” (Schamlleger, 2011). The prosecutor is responsible for not only presenting the case against the defendant but making sure that the evidence is used and presented legally, this will help them to avoid the case being dismissed and they are able to get a conviction, and steer the testimony of the witness. They also have the role of a quasi-legal adviser to local police departments (Schmalleger, 2011).   The prosecutors determine which cases to pursue by making sure there is enough evidence that they gathered to support their conviction, so if they know the case cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt they will not pursue it. So if the evidence is not strong enough or they lack evidence the case is either dismissed entirely or they may decide to go with a plea bargain (Smalleger, 2011).
If the criteria for taking a case were more, or less, stringent there would be plenty of cases being dismissed for lack of evidence, there will be cases brought to trial that have good testimonies from witnesses but the evidence is not circumstantial. There would also be cases over flowing the system that does not have the proper evidence to support...

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