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Cpp Questions Essay

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Programming In C++
(Based on SASTRA UNIVERSITY syllabus)
Second Semester.
Question Bank

(First Edition)

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1. State the characteristics of procedure oriented programming.
2. What are the features of Object Oriented Programming?
3. Distinguish between Procedure Oriented Programming and Object
Oriented Programming.
4. Define Object Oriented Programming (OOP).
5. List out the basic concepts of Object Oriented Programming.
6. Define Objects.
7. Define Class.
8. Define Encapsulation and Data Hiding.
9. Define Data Abstraction.
10. State Inheritance.
11. State Polymorphism.
12. List and define the two types of Polymorphism.
13. State Dynamic Binding.
14. Define Message Passing.
15. List out some of the benefits of OOP.
16. What is an abstract class?
17. Write down the access specifiers in C++.
18. Define Object Based Programming language.
19. List out the applications of OOP.
20. Define C++.
21. What are the input and output operators used in C++?
22. What is the return type of main ()?
23. List out the four basic sections in a typical C++ program.
24. Define identifier. What are the rules to be followed for identifiers?
25. State the use of void in C++.
26. What's the difference between public, private, and protected?

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27. Define constant pointer and pointer to a constant.
28. What are the two ways of creating symbolic constants?
29. Define reference variable. Give its syntax.
30. List out the new operators introduced in C++.
31. What is the use of scope resolution operator?
32. List out the memory differencing operator.
33. Define the two memory management operators.
34. What are the three types of special assignment expressions?
35. Define integral widening conversion.
36. What are the control structures used in C++?
37. Define Function Prototyping.
38. What is call by reference?
39. What...

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