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Crazy Horse Essay

  • Submitted by: sweetlds
  • on November 12, 2012
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After interviewing individuals living in the 1930’s, Mari Sandoz wrote the biography of Crazy Horse, with vivid details regarding cruelty and the governmental overtaking of the Indians’ homeland. Sandoz writes through the eyes of an Indian, using their language style to capture the essence of the times. Although it was sometimes difficult to follow because of my unfamiliarity with the language, there are great lessons to be gained by following the life of Crazy Horse.
The United States government, our government, compromised and prepared treaties with the Indians as they tried to capture their homeland. As the Indians were pushed and confined, they were forced to succumb to the all-mighty government who made promises they did not intend to keep and were solely focused on their own interests. However, despite such an unfortunate situation, heroes came forward to set an example and lead their people, as indicative with Crazy Horse.
There is a clear parallel with the times in which Crazy Horse lived in the 1930s and almost a century later, in the times in which we live. We still have a government that wants to push its way into areas that they probably should not be pushing their way into. For instance, according to the First Amendment to the Constitution, church and state should be separated. However, it appears that they are more connected than they should be.
Abortion, for one, is a controversial topic based on church versus state. The mere fact that the topic of abortion is so controversial is absurd. Just as the government pushed its way to take over the Indian homeland, the government is currently pushing its way into the bodies of women, potentially requiring a women to have a baby against her will if abortions were outlawed. The reason that this is even discussed is because Catholicism forbids abortion. This has nothing to do with national security or governmental responsibilities. The government is unconstitutionally interfering, just as they pretty...

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