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Create Speech Macro Essay

  • Submitted by: sabaku17
  • on January 25, 2013
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Create an Insert Text Speech Macro
The Insert Text Speech Macro allows you to insert a string of text when you speak a command.

In this tutorial you will create a speech macro that inserts your work address when you say the command "my work address".

a) Open a new Speech Macro Wizard window:
  * On the Start menu select All Programs -> Windows Speech Recognition Macros
  * Double-click the Windows Speech Recognition Macros icon  in the taskbar

b) Click Insert Text from the Wizard:

The Insert Text Wizard page contains two text fields: 

  * Enter the phrase you would like to speak to trigger this command: Write the phrase that, when spoken, inserts the desired text
  * Enter the text you want to insert: Paste or write the chunk of text that you want to insert

c) In the Enter the phrase you would like to speak to trigger this command field type my work address

d) In the Enter the Text you want to insert field type your work address or type One Microsoft Way Redmond WA

e) Click on the Next button 

f) The final panel of the Wizard lets you review the Speech Macro and save it

  * Review Panel: This panel shows you the summary of your Speech Macro
  * Speech Macro filename: Type the name of the file with the extension .WSRMac
Note: The file must be saved in the Speech Macros folder, and it should contain the extension .WSRMac in order for it to load
  * Digitally Sign this Speech Macro: Sign the Speech Macro using your Trust Certificate

g) Review the content in the Review Panel

h) Leave the filename as it is: my work address.WSRMac (you can choose to change the filename; make sure you include the .WSRMac extension) 

i) Ensure that the checkbox for Digitally Sign this Speech Macro is checked 

j) Click the Create button, and you are done 

Congratulations! You have succesfully created a new Speech Macro. You can now create a Speech Macro that inserts a chunk of text when you speak a command.

To test your Speech...

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