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Creating, Financing, and Marketing a Business Essay

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Creating, Financing a Business

Creating, Financing, and Marketing a Business
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BUS 100 Introduction into Business
xxxxxx, August xx, 2012

Partnership is the business ownership form of choice for some entrepreneurs. There are several funding options for these entrepreneurs to get started. Once started, they keep track of their progress through managerial accounting, and keep their businesses going through creating, promoting, pricing, and distributing their products and services. Then they further satisfy the consumer by finding and executing their social responsibility.

Creating, Financing, and Marketing a Business
Entrepreneurs dream of starting and running a business of their choice. They find it challenging and exciting to see their creativity and hard work pay off. They deal with the complexity of the various facets of bringing a business into being and keeping it going. The following breaks down these facets and shows just what it takes to create and operate a business.
Ownership: Partnerships
There are several types of partnerships; General, Limited, and Limited Liability. And, although not as common of a business ownership as corporations or sole proprietorships, do have some advantages. They are larger than sole proprietorships, and can generate more profits. However, they may not compare with corporations for profits and size. Entrepreneurs who enter into partnerships have the ability to pool financial resources as well as take advantage of any complementary skills they may possess. Partnerships can be easier to form than corporations and benefit from some tax advantages.
There are some disadvantages, though. Members of General partnerships have unlimited liability and could lose everything invested and personal property depending on the financial crisis (lawsuits, poor economy, unable to meet costs, etc.). Another disadvantage is the potential for disagreements between the partners and a lack...

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