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Crime Essay

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ADJ 1001
14 October 2012
How has the criminal justice system responded to changes in society and changes in crime over the last 50 years?
As time presses forward society becomes to develop more quickly over the past years. When society gets smarter the justice system gets harder and learns new ways to prevent future problems. The main task of most officers is to keep the peace, enforce the law, protection of people and property, and investigations of crime. The Judicial system of America is to maintain balance within the powers as well as, prosecute those guilty of committing violation against the law. The Judicial system enables people to live a calmer life and a much organized society. With the help of the many criminal justice department’s local, state, and federal we are sure to exceed quickly on the development of justice over crime. If we didn’t adapt to the problems society had to offer we would not be in good terms.
In this day and age people are not given the correct rights to prove their innocents
and haven’t been given everything to do so. Therefore, I would like to introduce the Miranda right protection from officers and yourself once you’re being arrested.  “On June 13, 1966, the outcome of Miranda v. Arizona provided that suspects must be informed of their specific legal rights when they are placed under arrest. This decision was based on a case in which a defendant, Ernesto Miranda, was accused of robbery, kidnapping, and rape. During police interrogation, he confessed to the crimes. The conviction was overturned due to allegedly intimidating police interrogation methods. After a retrial that included witnesses and other evidence, Miranda was again convicted. His trial was, however, then assured of being fair, and the original conviction was reasonably upheld without question.”(History of Miranda Warning) Due to the case of Miranda v. Arizona all police agencies in America present Miranda Rights to people when they are being...

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