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Criminal Investigations Essay

  • Submitted by: qedwards75
  • on January 26, 2013
  • Category: History
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How Human Impact Each Cycles
Quincy Edwards

How Human Impact Each Cycles

Human impact the carbon cycle during combustion   of any type of fossil fuels,   which may include oil, coal,   or natural gas.   Fossil   fuels were formed very long ago from plants or animal remains that were buried, compressed,   and transformed into oil, coal, or natural gas.   The carbon is said to be fixed in place and is essentially locked of the natural carbon cycle. Human intervene during by burning these fossils fuels.   During combustion   in the presence of air, carbon dioxide, and water molecules are release into the atmosphere.   Nitrogen is an element.   Humans   impact   the nitrogen cycle by parts of non-living things like the air above and the dirt below. Atoms of   the nitrogen don’t just stay in one place. They move slowly through living things, dead things, the air,   soil, and water.   These movement are called the nitrogen cycle.   Most of the nitrogen on   the   earth   is in the atmosphere. Approximately 80 percent of the molecules in the earth atmosphere are made of two nitrogen atoms bond together (N2).   All plants and animals need nitrogen to make amino acids, proteins and DNA, but the nitrogen in the atmosphere is not in a form that they can be used.   The molecules of nitrogen in the atmosphere can become usable for living things when they are broken apart during lightning strikes or fires by certain types of   bacteria, or by bacteria associated with bean plants.   Certain actions of humans are causing changes to the nitrogen cycles and the amount of nitrogen that is stored in the land, water,   and air, such a use of fertilizers.   Phosphorus enters the environment from rocks or deposit laid down on the many years ago. The phosphorus   rock is commercially available form is called apatite. Other deposits may be form fossilized bone on bird droppings called guano. Weathering and erosion of rocks gradually releases phosphorus as phosphate as a fertilizer or...

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