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Criminal Justice Essay

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From reading this article, I found it interesting because the increased enforcement leads crimes to be displaced to alternative law-breaking methods. Crimes displacement should respond positively to the size of profits threatened by enforcement. If enforcement displaces crime towards law-breaking methods with lower variable costs, the overall crime rate don’t need to fall. As you can see crime rates has not drop and the crimes are reducing aspects of imprisonment crimes. Being in a prison is the most crime fighting correction that the criminals face while being in there.
Going over the term “replacement” what I thought the concept meant was focus on three different crimes and the first one was about how offenders can account for failure of prisons to reduce crime. Second, it is all about prison life and how prison is determine as a crime of fear. Then the last one determines social factors that are known to contribute to criminals, such as families, disorders, certain communities, and the increase of high rates of imprisonment. This concept was to explain how criminals may affect crime rates during certain periods and this can happen mainly in a group. This concept is based off drug crimes and violent street crimes, such as robbery. The theory of replacement consists of street gangs, which is very popular and known throughout different communities.
The crime rates are at high levels and it is increasing in the use of the prisons. “Americans are as accustomed to thinking of prison as a last-ditch means of controlling crime, the proposal that it may increase crime strikes us as almost absurd.” What are some ways that the author discussed how prison may directly increase crime, is in the directly way it is how the criminals imagine prison and how it would be being in there and what it mean to have a record. Over the years prison increase and it had reduced into a negative view. The more sanctions of imprisonment that is employed, the less it deters. Being in a...

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