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Criminal Justice Practices Essay

  • Submitted by: sammih1
  • on October 18, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Sammi Hall
Week 1
Individual work

The rationale used to address the question/issue posted. Use another country to
Determine the truth in a criminal proceeding. Describe how it differs from American jury
System. Which do you feel superior? Why?
I chose China. I feel their criminal system is far more different then ours in America.
The citizens don’t have the rights that we do. Their system is marked by long periods of
Investigatory sdetention. A high rate of confession and administratoral penalties that are
Tantamanet to incrarceration without a trial. Criminal suspects have no rights to refuse
Interrigatioin, or enjoy no presumption of innocence and have no right to confront their
Accusers   or compel the presence of witness to testify in their defense. The right to counsel
Is extremely limited in the investigatory phase a case although there is a right to counsel
At trial, that right is circumcised by absence of pre trial discovery and the limited ability
Of defense to couduct its own investigation.
This basically means that they don’t have a constitution over in China like we do
Here . I feel that they coarse the criminal into admitting they did it knowing that they cant
Prove that they are innocent. In America, you are innocent till proven guilty by court of
Law. You can have a attorney or counsel present, even if you have no way to pay them.
China is very old school as they would call it. They still live in the 1800’s.I am very glad
That we don’t live there or our   country isn’t ran that way.
It seem that they are a communist country. They are ran that way. They see our
Way of doing things and assume that we let people go to easy. Well we also have the
Right to confront the person or persons who are accusing us of the crime. They have to
Have evidence to prove that the crime commited. There are as many confessions used
Either. We like to have a case ran as soon as possible get the person off the...

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