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Critical Essay of Margaret Atwoods "Death by Landscape"

  • Submitted by: trish12
  • on August 19, 2015
  • Category: English
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Margaret Atwood’s “Death by Landscape” begins the story by introducing the reader to Lois, the protagonist.   Throughout the story the reader is able to see how Lois is conditioned by her physical and social environment.   The years spent by Lois at camp Manitou had a direct impact in the formation of her personality through the social environment as well as the physical environment.   The experiences she had from these two environments dictated the way in which she lived the remainder of her life.   This essay will examine the physical and social environments Lois was exposed to during her four years at Camp Manitou.   It will then draw conclusions as to how that exposure has impacted the way in which Lois lives in her current physical and social environments.
The physical setting of Camp Manitou paints a picture of a rustic, wilderness summer camp.   This is shown by describing the log-sided buildings, the weathered grey dock, the rusty rings, and the cold showers.   When describing her last year at Camp Manitou, there is much more of a wilderness feel and more of a focus on nature as is seen in the example of the movement of the trees, the loons calling to each other, and the glassy surface of the lake.   In these early years of Lois’ life, the setting of the story is in many ways idyllic of camp and she comes to enjoy it.   “By the time she was thirteen she liked it” (Atwood 27). In spite of this, the reader has evidence that Lois is on occasion frightened of the natural world that surrounds her. “Lois can feel the water stretching out, with shores twisting away on either side, immense and a little frightening” (Atwood 29).
The social setting of Camp Manitou shows the reader how different life at home was in comparison with life at camp for Lois as “she hated the noisy chaos and spoon banging of the dining hall...hers was not a household that encouraged yelling.” (Atwood 26). There are many other references to the social setting of camp life including “cheerfulness...

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  • Submitted by: trish12
  • on August 19, 2015
  • Category: English
  • Length: 707 words
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