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Critical Observation Paper

  • Submitted by: nintendo1
  • on February 20, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Critical Observation Paper



There are many situations in which psychological research applies to various aspects of social life. One of those social behaviors is smoking. Smoking is one of the leading causes of cancer and other health and lung problems but people still uses cigarettes. This social aspect of social life have different types of behavior in addition to their conditions that precede them to smoke, consequences and what make people smoke on psychological level.
Numerous types of behavior problems when it comes to smoking some can be conventional although others are anomalous. One thing about smoking is that it is not easy to just stop smoking overnight or just simply go “cold turkey.” A person who smokes sometimes attempts distinctive trails and destitution to try to discontinue smoking. Existing in actuality to affect a smoker behavior, there must not be a substitute for one drug for another. Most behaviors of smokers are generally depends on their dependability on smoking. Some smokers feel as if they may not be able to do anything without take at least one cigarette before any event. Others may believe that smoking is more of a stress reliever or believe that it decelerates traumatic situations. Cigarette smokers are willing to become extremely combative if not unwind without smoking. Countless smokers that will become extraordinarily violent or demonstrate nerve-racking behavior and the only way for them to act normal are by taking a few puffs from their favorite brand of cigarettes. Behavior from smokers can vary from person to person, but it is also important to note that it sometimes depends on how long have that person has been smoking. It is...

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