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Critical Summery on the Article "America, Non!” by Russell A. Berman

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on October 17, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Russell A. Berman in the article "America, Non!" writes about the new dimension of European anti-Americanism. The author states in this article an idea by implying his claim that anti – Americanism has a prejudicial character. He supports the idea that American foreign politics do not have an impact on anti-Americanism and, he states that it is wrong to assume that any changes in US policy would terminate intimidating positions. This article is about how anti-Americanism is more common in Europe, then the Islamic world. We can read about connections like political overview, Religion, the different types of mentality (e.g. Italy, France, Spain and Germany).
At the beginning of the article the Russell A. Berman writes about the idea that anti – Americanism is partial, due to the refusal of the Kyoto Treaty, also the rejection of the International Criminal Court and the engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq. He also argues that the reason for anti – Americanism is more than the refusal of some policies. He is presenting this view by giving examples of Latin America and Japan, stating that their hostility towards the United States is because of the long and troubled history.
I think that Russell A. Berman is confusing with this article because he agrees that United States policy has impact on anti – Americanism, but he also states the examples of Japan and Latin America and with that he is proving that hostility to the US is not linked to any current policy. Correlation between them is hard to understand because the link between them troubles today’s policy and historical aspects of hostility.
German anti-Americanism by the author’s opinion is because of the troubled past (e.g. Nazi metaphors used for anti-Americanism). The French anti-Americanism is about retrieving former great power status through special relationship’s whit the Arab world, hence anti-Americanism because of the American – Arab situation. Italian anti-Americanism however is moderated by the...

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