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Critical Thinking Essay

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Critical Thinking
Today’s society has been devastated with an economic recession that has caused companies to make some difficult decisions involving cut backs and layoffs. Many of firms have had to reduce their impact in the community and have varied away from the concept of corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility is when a firm dedicates to a commitment of behaving “ethically” and “morally.” The firm contributes to the betterment of society, develops and improves the quality of the workforce and their families, and gives back to the local community and society as a whole. Many firms would now debate that it is not their corporate responsibility to give back to society. They would argue that since they pay taxes, which funds the government and in return the government contributes to society as a whole, they should not be held accountable for additional social contributions.   Even though numerous firms have reduced their social responsibility, there are still firms that have made huge impacts of society and have done amazing things to give back to society and the community.
Our society depends and runs on the fact that people help each other and often act selflessly. Two firms that go above and beyond this selfless call is Walt Disney Company and Whole Foods Market. The Walt Disney Company is one of the most “green” companies in the United States. They believe it is their social responsibility as a corporation to give back to the environment and create a green world for the people around them. The Walt Disney Company has many green implemented concepts such as Disneyland trains run on biodiesel fuel made with cooking oil from the resort’s hotels, they have established a worldwide conservation fund and have instituted a “green standard” for all employees.” These are actions that the Walt Disney Company was not required to preform but felt obligated to do so because of their corporate social responsibility and the fact that they are...

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