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Critical Thinking and Ethics Essay

  • Submitted by: amalkowski
  • on August 17, 2015
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Malkowski 1

Arianne Malkowski
Instructor Deborah Ortiz
GEN/201 Foundations for University Success
3 August 2015

Critical Thinking and Ethics

    Critical Thinking and Ethics, as I had described in an earlier post of mine, mimic the human body. The body without the mind cannot survive. Just as Ethics without Critical Thinking involved in the process will undoubtly fail. They are simply two pieces to a detailed puzzle and without these two pieces the puzzle cannot be completed.
    Critical Thinking is the simply the ability to respond to any situation presented by distinguishing between opinions and fact. To do this one must be willing to let go of personal bias and feelings, judgments and inferences, decipher between inductive and deductive arguments, and the subjective and objective within the particular situation. In the process of Critical Thinking one needs to generate the right questions, construct them properly and understand the structure and heart of these arguments while supporting them efficiently and adequately. One must find a way to analyze and devise solutions for the issues and pertinent problems surrounding the situation at hand. It is also important to sort through and organize the facts, while analyzing the issues. Then one can finally use this information by drawing inferences being able to comfortably arrive at a reasonable and informed conclusion. When one can objectively apply understanding and informed knowledge to a situation, while sorting through the rational from the irrational, and are able to suspend their beliefs by opening themselves up to new methods, values and unbiased information they are ready to Critically Think about the situation and produce a well-informed answer and outcome. All this can be accomplished by remembering the six steps in the critical thinking process, noted by psychologist Benjamin Bloom: Remembering-Can I recall what I learned? Understanding-Can I explain this idea in my own words? Applying-Can I...

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