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Critique of Horror Movies

  • Submitted by: Soufyaaan1
  • on October 20, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 800 words

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Media studies Coursework

Blair witch project

Running order:

Logo of Distribution Company

Non digetic sound

Text appears on screen

(Digetic sound) woman breathing heavily

(Digetic sound) woman talking

(Non digetic sound)

The name of the movie appears on screen

ECU of woman face showing her emotions

The official website for the movie is shown on screen

The trailer for the Blair witch project really grabs the audience attentions throughout the trailer, at the start of the trailer tension is created by a woman breathing heavily in the background, a black background is the only thing visible to the audience at first then a short paragraph appears on the screen giving a brief overview about the film. The woman breathing heavily begins to speak; she talks very quietly almost whispering as if somebody or some being is over hearing her speak. She starts to apologise to her friends parents and her parents as if she has got them in to some kind of trouble.   I personally felt that the non digetic sound effects crated the most tention because it created a very creepy atmosphere and it kept you aware because you could sense something was about to go wrong.

Paranormal activity

Running order

People lined up to see the movie

Text appears on screen showing when and where the movie was being viewed

Audience enter the cinema

Distribution company logo

Man starts to talk giving a brief introduction into what is going on.

Non digetic sound

Man starts to lock all windows and doors

Woman talks in a very frantic manner

Scream from the audience

(Digetic sound) footsteps

A quick flash on screen disorientated image

(Digetic sound) Door slams

Short review of the movie appears on screen

A short slide of disorientated images

Words appear on screen, the woman and the man are talking in the background.

The name of the movie appears on screen

The venues at which the movie will be shown.


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