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Crj 330 Midterm Exam Solutions Essay

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  • on August 17, 2015
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CRJ 330 Midterm Exam Solutions

• Question 1
Which of the following is true of civil order control?
• Question 2
A resident of rural Japan could expect regular visits from the local:
• Question 3
The deviance control function of the police includes all but.,
• Question 4
Which of the following is the MAIN factor that inhibits international police cooperation?
• Question 5
The French and German arrangements for civil order control are similar in that?
• Question 6
The mutawa in Saudi Arabia are the:-
• Question 7
Tasks of Japanese officers who work in local police stations include:-
• Question 8
A murder in Germany would be investigated by the:-
• Question 9
The legal tradition based on codification of laws is:-
• Question 10
Common Law covers:-
• Question 11
The oldest formal legal system believed to have originated as early as 4000 B.C. was:-
• Question 12
Socialist Law emphasizes:-
• Question 13
Islamic criminal law is based on the ideal of:-
• Question 14
Which family of law is not secular in nature?
• Question 15
Law that is developed by modern states in their legislatures or through their regulatory process that deals largely with the relations between government and citizens is:-
• Question 16
The primary characteristic of Common Law that distinguishes it from Civil Law is:-
• Question 17
How is a transnational crime different from an international crime?
• Question 18
The sale, distribution, or large-scale possession of property obtained in violation of the law is:-
• Question 19
With greater knowledge of comparative crime trends, governments can make better decisions about the allocation of resources and,
• Question 20
What is “ethnocentrism”?
• Question 21
How do the actions that become “international crimes” reach that status?
• Question 22
Comparative criminology and criminal justice generally study
• Question 23
Which of the following is the...

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