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Cross-Gender Communication Essay

  • Submitted by: sunqun
  • on January 5, 2013
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Cross-gender communication
    How many kinds of people are there in the world? The answer may be two: men and women. The communication is one of the eternal topics for human beings. Once a man confessed, "The great question I have not been able to answer is What does a woman want?" Many husbands and boyfriends wonder the same thing today. "Men and women: can we get along? Should we even try?"-- the words on the cover of the January issue of a popular U.S. magazine exaggerates the difficulty of creating and sustainin satisfactory relationships between genders.
    Contemporary society is just beginning to delve into the true distinctions between men and women. Besides the obvious physiological differences, there are also differences in the way men and women think, speak, and behave. After the class, here I want to talk some details about the differences of men and women when they are facing love relationship.
    From my point of view, there are at least three basic differences about their attitudes toward love: First, emotional expression, whether initiative or passive. Clearly, men are relatively active and women are relatively passive. The second is the emotional choice, diversity or specificity. Third, in emotional communication and getting along, the difference lies in the independence and the dependence.
    If you can understand why feminine and masculine cultures differ and how each other of them communicates, it's likely you will have little difficulty getting along with people of both genders. In love, actually, A woman wants most everything a man wants: success, power, status, money, love, marriage, children, happiness, and fulfilment. And women need to communicate this more clearly. Here are five things that should be told to men.
Women need genuine, personal displays of affection.
    The breed of women who lives off the expensive gifts a man gives her is vanishing. A woman who values love for its own sake tends to be wary of gifts that are too...

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