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Cross of Gold Essay

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  • on September 21, 2012
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The above quote was delivered in the “Cross of Gold” speech at the democratic national convention by William Jennings Bryan. The speech advocated bimetallism, which was the idea that the currency of the United States should be backed by silver as well as gold. At this time, the money in circulation was backed by the equivalent amount of gold in the U.S. treasury. With bimetallism, the currency would also be backed by silver, and cause an influx in dollars “floating” around the U.S. economy. Republican candidate William McKinley ended up defeating Bryan in the 1896 presidential election.

The fire was called the triangle shirtwaist factory fire. This catastrophe was the catalyst for a new age of workplace safety reforms as well as public safety reforms (such as the prevention of fires). The New York Factory commission was created to make sure that the working environments were safer, to enact child labor policies, and to investigate workplace safety incidents. The most important reformers to help enact, and enforce, these regulations were Tammany Hall politician Al Smith, Robert Wagner, Frances Perkins, and the Tammany Hall political machine “boss” Charlie Murphy.
One major factor that encouraged industrialization in the United States was the sudden influx in new inventions. With new inventions such as the telephone, the light bulb, and eventually the assembly line, companies were able to advance not only what they offered to the public, but also the way in which their products were created. Another factor was the huge population boom from not only American citizens growing families but from the large number of immigrants moving into the United States. This new work force fueled the growing companies, and provided the means for the companies to grow. A third factor of industrialization was the vast amount of natural resources the U.S. possessed. With resources such as coal, iron, and timber, the ever growing companies and inventions were able to have a local...

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