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Cruz Essay

  • Submitted by: tcruz1230
  • on November 12, 2012
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David L Smith starts is articles with a speech by Thomas Jefferson, the speech talks about how many people felt that blacks were inferior.   Because many thought this, it changed the outlook on how blacks were viewed by whites.   Smith says that anyone could have said this during that time period and that Jefferson says it, it makes an impact on the time.   After the declaration was written, many shared the view that blacks were still inferior, but through the writing of Mark Twain, Many minds were changed and educated with the use of satire.   Smith says, “In July 1876, exactly one century after the American Declaration of Independence, Mark Twain began writing Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, a novel that illustrates trenchantly the social limitations that American “civilization” imposes on individual freedom.   The book takes special note of ways in which racism impinges upon the lives of Afro-Americans, even when they are legally “free”.   It is therefore ironic that huckleberry Finn has often been attacked and even censored as a racist work.   I would argue, on the contrary, that except for Melville’s work, Huckleberry Finn is without peer among major Euro-American novels for its explicitly antiracist stance (363-364).”   He then says that to book is a protest against human cruelty and with this his stance on the book becomes very clear.

Through the article, Smith makes his ideas very clear, and also shows that Twain’s                   ideas are deeper than what the average person would not notice.   For those people who want to book to be banned, they do not realize that Huckleberry Finn is a book about Jim and his freedom and a boy who battles with the idea of going against everything he knew about slavery.   Huck learns through the book that he gains a friend and not just a traveling companion.   Jim becomes human to Huck and with every time he tried to bring himself to turning Jim in, he could never do it.   Through the book you can see many racist characters,...

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