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Cuba Missle Crisis Essay

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  • on February 19, 2012
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Cuba Missile Crisis
    The Cuban Missile Crisis was the closest the United States had ever come to a full blown nuclear war.   The United States was in a state of emergency as the people feared the loss of their lives and country.   The weapons capable of serious destruction were located a mere ninety miles away.   United States President John F Kennedy and U.S.S.R Premier Nikita Khrushchev actions weighed heavily on both countries and Cuba.
    The crisis began upon the discovery by the United States that the Soviet Union had set up nuclear missiles on the island of Cuba.   Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro feared another United Stated invasion after the unsuccessful Bay of Pigs after which he deemed his tiny island Communist.   Khrushchev feared the United States was more advanced in nuclear weaponry than his country and had weapons buried in Turkey that could cause great destruction to his country only 150 miles away.   Both leaders believed creating missile bases in Cuba would provide their countries the stability required if ever a war with the United States became inevitable.
    The weapons and troops were brought to Cuba by civilian vessels including cruise liners.   Sixty missiles and warheads were successfully transported into Cuba.   The U.S. whom monitored the shipping activity to Cuba after the trade embargo years prior became suspicious.   U.S. planes flew sorties over Cuba confirming Soviet missiles had been placed on the island capable of reaching American major cities.  
    President John Kennedy selected twelve of his closest advisors called the EX-COMM.   This group along with the President agreed to impose a naval quarantine around Cuba preventing additional Soviet weapons.   The American people were made aware of the Cuban conflict and the resolution during a special Address to the Nation speech that took over all tv stations and radio.   The president sent a copy of his speech to Khrushchev as an attempt to warn him of the military...

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