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Cubism Essay

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| Arch Cultures III |

Cubism and De Stijl are two art movements that rejuvenated architecture during the early 20th century. Cubism was a painting style that was developed by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. The primary influence of cubism in architecture was the representation of three-dimensional form in their works. In cubism, the objects are analyzed, broken up and reassembled in an abstract form. This created an image that depicts the objects from various vanishing points to represent the subject in a greater context. The visual image blended both abstraction and fragmentation depicting reality as seen through multiple vantage points.
Cubism formed and important link between art and architecture and it was widely accepted. Some of the intersecting points between cubism and architecture can be seen in the shared characteristics of faceting from, spatial ambiguity, transparency, and multiplicity. The architectural interest in Cubism centered on the dissolution and reconstitution of three-dimensional form, using simple geometric shapes, juxtaposed without the illusions of classical perspective. Diverse elements could be superimposed, made transparent or penetrate one another while retaining their spatial relationships. The first architectural example was La Maison Cubiste by Raymond Duchamp-Villon and Andre Mare in 1912. Here you could clearly see the simplification of building design, the use of materials appropriate to industrial production, and the increased use of glass.
Cubism was significant to an architecture seeking an style that needed not to refer the past but to orientate towards a changed world. The Cubo-Futurist ideas of Filippo Tommaso influenced attitudes towards a new avant-garde architecture. The consequence of such influence brought about a new movement called De Stijl which embraced the aesthetic principles of neo-plasticism developed by Piet Mondrian.
The De Stijl style also known as neoplasticim was a Dutch movement...

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