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Cultrual Anthropology Essay

  • Submitted by: tjordan30
  • on November 13, 2012
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Danielle King
Instructor: Jim Wallace
July 16, 2012

The Amish way of life has many interesting concepts and unique beliefs that set them apart from any other culture. While some may see the Amish way of life as a cult, there simplistic way of life and their family values and beliefs make them one of the strongest groups in today’s society. The Amish have always been an adaptable culture. With the lack of affordable farmland, they had to adjust in order to survive. The Amish make money today in a variety of occupations, from at-home shops to small intensively farmed produce operation to mobile work crews working in upscale developments.  
The Amish way of life is different from the American way of life. The Amish family contributed to the rate of social change. Prosperity played a great part in the social change. The Amish culture consists of many unique beliefs that make their ways unlike that of any other culture. They lead a life of simplicity and yet have very harsh ways of doing things. The Amish is perhaps the most diverse culture in the entire United States. The Amish of Pennsylvania and Ohio greatly differ with the rest of American society. Some say that the Amish look like they stepped out of the rural nineteenth century. Their lives move more slowly compared to the American society.
The Amish primary mode of subsistence is farming, making them Horticulturalists. The Amish are farmers and they first plant several crops every year depending on the season. The women tend to the gardens and they feed themselves. The Amish raise cows for milk and meat, chickens and ducks for eggs and meat, pigs for ham and sausage, orchards for fruit, huge vegetable gardens for the family and they farm, or do woodworking mostly for cash.
Tuesday and Thursday were the only days for an Amish wedding day. It didn’t matter what state they were in. The wedding season for the Amish last from early fall until late...

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