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Cultural Bias Essay

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Cultural Bias (graded)
Anne Graff   D01645538
Chamberlain College of Nursing

The term Arab is associated with a particular region of the world.   Arab’s are people living in the region extending from the Atlantic coast of Northern Africa to the Arabian Gulf.   The primary language is Arabic, with secondary language of English.   Arab countries are not homogenous with respect to religious beliefs.   They include Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Majority of Arabs are Muslim.   Arab society was traditionally organized and governed by families or tribes, and family remains an important institution. Understanding the traditional role of men in how health care decisions are made for women is important. The elder man or male representative makes the decisions for the women in the family.   Be sensitive regarding non-verbal communication. Remember, show respect for the knowledge and involvement of the elders [1].   Cultural commonalities impacting health may include according to Douglass (2002):
• Preferring to be treated by a medical practitioner of the same sex.
• Preferring medical treatment that involves prescribing pills, or giving injections, rather than simple medical counseling.
• Jews and Muslims follow a kosher or halal diet.
• Muslims pray as many as five times a day.
• Muslims observe fasting during the holy month of   Ramadan, with no food or drink consumed between sunrise and sunset.
• In some countries, secluding women from men is normal [2].

My awareness of caring for persons from different cultures began two years ago when I was taking care of an elderly Iranian man.   I started talking to the family members gathered around the bedside.   I asked the client’s wife a question; she lowered her eyes and turned away.   I realized I needed to talk to the man in the room.   I informed the man regarding visiting hours, the man (who turned out to be the son-in-law) stated they could not leave “abandon” the father and needed to stay with him.   I called the...

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