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Cultural Diversity Essay

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Cultural diversity refers to a multiracial nation, a population containing people following and having different beliefs, religion, and way of living, ethnicity and culture. In order to maintain peace within these cultures in the country, there is a need for unity. Cultural diversity can be divided into two words, culture and diversity. Culture refers to the beliefs, religion, and practices people believe in. On the other hand diversity refers to a variety and mixture of a product. Therefore cultural diversity in itself means a mixture of different varieties of culture.
                                                      In the small island of Mauritius unity between cultures is very important to maintain peace in the country. It is a fact that each and every Mauritian is very attached to their culture and most obviously to the laws of their religion underpinning their culture. As each and every culture is very different from one another, it could have lead to racial riots, clashes and fights but even though the differences, each and every culture in Mauritius aims at doing good, living in peace, harmony, love and care for others as yourself. It can be seen that even if the cultures in Mauritius follow different principle, rituals and beliefs, they all aim for the same objectives which are living in peace, union, love and harmony with the others surrounding you .The different cultures may follow diverse principles but they all lead to nearly the same purposes which aims to live in peace with others leading to unity. In the Bible, the Koran and even Gandhi said a proverb which is a universal one, “love others as yourself”, in Mauritius it can be found that they nearly all understood and follow this principles.
                                                    Long ago Mauritius was governed by foreigners such as British and French colonies who used to treat Mauritians as Slaves but who are now treated as only tourists by the Mauritians after the independency....

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