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Cultural Interview Sample Essay

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  • on November 12, 2012
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Cultural Interview

Culture: Orthodox Jew

  1. What is your definition of “culture?”   It could mean religion or life style or way of life.

  2. How do you define “family?” Family includes people in the house as well as extended family.

  3. Who holds the most “status” in your family?   Why?
      Highest regards are give to parents then grandparents and this is based on the Ten Commandments, based on scripture “Children should honor their parents.”

  4. How do you define success?
          To be happy.

  5. Do you consider your parents to be successful?   Yes

  6. How important is education in your family?
      Very important. All children are required to go through yeshiba, A jewesh     school focused on jewesh studies

  7. Is punctuality important to you?   Why or why not?
      It is important because everything requires you give a certain amount of time.

  8. What is the most important meal of the day?
      Supper, heavy meal consisting of meat and side dishes usually served around 5:30 or 6:00pm

  9. Do you eat foods that are indigenous to your culture?   Why or why not?   If you answered yes, name some of the foods that you eat.   If you answered no, what types of foods do you eat?

      Yes, matza bull soup, gefilte fish, cholent (mixture of beans, barley),

  10. Did you ever live with your grandparents or extended family? Lived with in-laws. Presently in-laws live on the same street and also wife’s sister and first cousin also live on same street.

  11. Do you actively participate in an organized religion? Yes.

  12. How important is religion in your family?   Why ?
      Very important because that is what God says to do want to to pass on the future generations.

  13. If religion is important in your family, do you plan to pass this on to your children?   Why or why not?

  14. Are the roles of men and women specifically defined in your family?   If so, what are they?...

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