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Culture Essay

  • Submitted by: meetjen0584
  • on September 20, 2012
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A good example of how the cultural differences easily cause communication problems is through “psychological filtering”. In such cases, the issues concern the psychological filtering of an individual’s gesture and appearance. Anyone will find it easy to relate with such example since this might have been encountered by most people, even by those who live in the western part of the world (Fischer and Hartel, 2003).
Culture’s framework definition is the start of understanding these issues. The word ‘culture’ has numerous definitions, and even when people speak the same language, people might quickly lose track. The different foundational definitions of culture will be the basis to proceed in this discussion.
‘Culture’ has 160 varied definitions, but there is one definition that stood out, and that is of scholar Clyde Kluckholm’s definition. As stated by Kluckholm, culture is composed of ways of reacting, feeling, and thinking that are patterned, and these are acquired as well as transmitted through symbols comprising human groups’ individual achievement and embodiment in the artifacts; culture’s essential core constitutes attached values and traditional or historically selected and derived ideas.
Triandis, another scholar, demonstrates a psychological view to culture’s description. Culture is made as part of environment as psychologically perceived by human. Categorization of individual shares of value, roles, attitudes, beliefs, associations, and social stimuli is hereby included. Thus, culture is the melting pot which consists of numerous things which gathered over some time wherein language and religion play great roles (Harvey, 1996).
With culture’s definition in hand and real-life example to support the idea, it is now easy to analyze several relatively typical cultural issues which affect the conduct of project management. Such issues are more profound when the eastern is compared to the characteristics and attributes of the western firms.

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