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Culture of Control Essay

  • Submitted by: suegg123
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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David Garland's new book opens with a big surprise. To explain the big surprise (and why it is so surprising), Garland takes us back to the mid-twentieth century world of criminology and crime control. This was the world of "penal welfarism"--a world increasingly defined by the assumptions that reform and social intervention were plausible responses to crime; that alternatives to prison were healthy; that the death penalty was useless and barbaric; that crime control was a clinical, scientific discourse free of populist sentiments; that personalized victims were not part of the criminologic equation; that the state was to be the only player in crime control; and that things were generally okay--some basic level of deviance was a normal part of mass society and we were making progress in managing it. Scholars and policy makers predicted a continued strengthening of these premises.

But then came the big surprise. Over the course of the last twenty or thirty years, these premises have not only unraveled, but almost INVERTED as we have undergone a fundamental reorganization of the discourse and practice of crime control in the United States and the United Kingdom. The conventional wisdom now places the victim at the center of an ongoing crisis in crime, embraces retribution, applauds the death penalty, fills the prisons, and laughs the idea of reform or rehabilitation off the stage. James Q. Wilson's once jarring assertion that "nothing works" (so let's lock them up as fast as we can and as long as we can) has emerged as the now unsurprising common sense of a new era in crime control. Confounding the expectations of many scholars writing about the almost inevitable unfolding of a patient, caring, rational, tutelary state in which crime control institutions are a sort of boundless treatment center, we seem to have revived an earlier mode of the angry, violent, indiscriminate punisher who seeks revenge and exclusion. How and why did it happen?


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