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Curleys Wife in of Mice and Men Essay

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  • on January 7, 2013
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The character, Curley's wife, of the novel "of mice and men" is an example how the readers perception of a character changed without the character   actually changing. This is demonstrated by the way that George and Lennie are warned about Curley's wife and how she is portrayed as a seductive, troublemaker. As the story continues, stienbeck slowly reveals her secrets, the real Curley's Wife is found.

Stienbeck influences our opinion of curleys through other characters opions. She is first mentioned in the narrative when Candy describes her togeorge. Candy uses expressions such as “shes got the eye” and goes on the eventually call her a “tart”. Throughout Candy's description description we develop an intitional perception of Curleys wife as flirtatious and even promiseuous. Stienbeck makes the reader prejudiced towards Curley's Wife. Therefore as the character developes, we feel guilty ae even 'learn our lesson'. This also highlits how the other charaters are are unsure or wary of her . George uses phrases like “jailbait” when warning lennie to stay away from her. Stienbeck uses words like “jail” to protray that she is bad news. So the reader, like the other character, should be cautious of her. Stienbeck does this to build suspence.

Stienbeck further enphasises our intional perception of Curley's Wife by her first appearance in the noval. Her physical apperance of “full rough lip and wide spaced eyes, heavily made up”, as well as painted fingernails and elaborate hair. The colour red or “rouge” has connotations with lust, passion and intensity but also violence, blood and danger. Stienbeck uses the colour “red” to show that the character as being sexual and physical, but that in it self is a threat and a danger to her and those around her. The fact that her make-up is laid on “heavily” shows that curleys wife is desprate for attention. She doesnt just put a little bit on to make her look pretty, she has plastered it on to get male attention. This also...

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