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Current Essay

  • Submitted by: mkenn67
  • on October 4, 2012
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Chapter 1- Midna

"Woah, look at the big tower!" my little sister Kukiel exclaimed, staring at the large brick buildings.

"One day Kukiel you'll be going here." I replied with a big smile on my face.

We are in Hyrule field, on our way to Hylia's Finest Boarding School, which I am not looking forward to.  Sophomore year I think is going to be very scary, plus it's a new school.

"Honey," my mom started to say, holding back tears, "please call me every night!"

"No worry mom, I will every night!"

She smiled and continued to drive, while I sit right next to her in the passengers seat.

We pull up to the big discolored brick building. Three words, it is HUGE. In the front of what looked like the lobby, there is a huge fountain, then two separate long building, which looked like the academic halls. There is also a lake and a stream running out of it to the woods, next to it is the smallest cutest lounge and restaurant. Then on the other side of the lake, it looked like they were the dorms.

The car came to a complete halt right in front  of the fountain. I got out and headed towards the trunk, taking all of my bags out.

"Zellie I will miss you so much!" Kukiel cried from inside her carseat.

"Awe, Kuk I'll miss you too, I'll talk to you on the phone though. Okay?"

"Okay, Sissy!"

"Zel, I will miss you so much!" my mother exclaimed, with tears streaming down her pale face.

"I'll miss you too mom." I said fighting back tears.

"Please tell your brother I said hi." she added to her melt down.

"Will do."

Mom clambered back into her car slowly driving away, both her and Kuk crying.

I hope I can carry every thing, I thought to myself. The thing I need on my first day is to drop my bags reveling all my underwear. I felt my face turn a cherry red just by thinking about it. I walked a step, then another. I walked around the fountain which looked like a place to talk, study, and act like idiots.You could tell the bookworms from the jocks...

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