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Current Buisness Research Essay

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Current Business Research Project
Each day people seek information for personal or professional use through books, the use of the Internet, and interviewing to gain more knowledge and have an understanding on a specific subject or subjects. According to Sekaran (2003), business research is an organized, systematic, data-based, critical, objective, scientific inquiry or investigation into a specific problem, undertaken with the purpose of finding answers or solutions to it. The article chosen is tilted “Employee Communication is no small Wonder.” Communication comes in several forms and for small businesses they need open-minded communication in and outside their business to progress. This paper will cover what the business research was used and its purpose. In addition, the problems they encountered, how data was collected and what was their conclusion.
Business research and its purpose
The research in this article was done by the International Association of Business Communicators Research Foundation (IABC) and they found that the communication in small businesses improves productivity.   The purpose of this research is to bring attention to the communication in small a business, which increases productivity and revenue within however they need to improve their communication. In addition the research shows different ranges on the sizes of the communication in businesses.  
Business problems under investigation
The problems within small business are improving communication before it has a negative effect on the business. In the study, different businesses were overseen and they found that the businesses do not officially evaluate their employee communication
The data collection methods
The methods of data collection used were observation, surveys, and interviews. Researchers conducted 609 surveys from nine companies and independent interviews. The survey‘s and interviews showed that communication is appealing to their employees, and it entices their...

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