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Current Ethical Issue in Business Essay

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Current Ethical Issue in Business Paper
Joey M. White
Jun 29 2015
Lance O'Dell

Current Ethical Issue in Business Paper

Dr. Claude Anderson defines Racism as “A system, designed by one group to have both economic and political power over another group or groups”. Let’s test the theory.   1638 the state of Maryland created what they called the “Doctrine of Exclusion” which started American racism. It stated that “Neither the existing black population, their descendants, nor any other blacks shall be permitted to enjoy the fruits of White society”. We are currently 377 years removed from those days and racism is still as alive and vibrant as ever.

April 29, 2015 a not so isolated incident occurred in Australia. An Australian morning show is interviewing a pair of twins. Nothing strange about this save for that one twin is black, one white. Both are from the same parents. Both mixed race. What makes this a interesting story is not the twins per say, it’s what the news woman says about them. While speaking about Lucy the “white” sister, the newswoman comments “good on her”. Was this an ethical comment for a newscaster to make? Aren’t they supposed to be impartial? Is this an isolated incident or is this a reflection of a bigger problem in world society today?

As we see in our working definition, political and economic powers have many arms. When someone in a high position speaks about someone “lower” in a negative way that ripples throughout their lives and society. These two women will go through life with a complex. One will think she is ugly and one will think she is better looking because of society.   Looks are directly tied to economic and political gains. How one perceives themselves is directly tied to society. Case in point the Black doll/ White doll experiment. Black and white children are shown a black doll and white. The object of the exercise is to point out the “pretty one” to them. The vast majority of black children chose the...

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