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Current Event Essay

  • Submitted by: 22volleyball
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Democrat Tammy Duckworth, nominee for House of Representatives for Illinois’ eighth district shared an intense debate with her opponent, Republican Congressman Joe Walsh referring to abortion. This issue is something that Democrats and Republicans have constantly disagreed on, Republicans being against the situation because they believe its murder, and Democrats saying that politics should have nothing to do with women’s choices in this matter; hasn’t been settled. Walsh stated that, “Advances in medicine made it so there are no longer cases when an abortion would be necessary to save the life of a mother. And as far as health of the mother - same thing advances in science and technology. Health of the mother has been, has become a tool for abortions any time and for any reason." Duckworth disagrees, “accusing Walsh of preferring to let a woman die than allow her to receive an abortion, to which he replied, "That's not fair."”   Meaning that, it would only be okay for women to get an abortion if the matter was rape. Other than that Walsh believes that there should be no excuses as to why women have the right to abortions.
Abortion has a lot to do with government; it’s been an ongoing battle between Democrats and Republicans on whether or not it should be allowed for women to do so. Two congress nominees are debating about a subject that is still in some cases, a touchy subject. Politicians included in the Government are still to this day debating one if it should even be up to the women anymore. That is how it currently relates to Government. It doesn’t affect the world nationally, for example Europe, China, and Russia it is legalized and there’s no question about it.
In my opinion, I believe that the Government should not have a say in this matter mainly because I think it should qualify as one of the many rights that women have. When women get abortions they don’t consider it as “murder”, it’s mainly because they can’t afford it, it was an accident, or...

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