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Current Event Essay

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Alexa Ellis Mr. Sedlick Oceanography, Period 1

Current Event 8 My article is on how the global sea level dropped because of Australia floods. The article says that the sea level went down starting in 2010 over an 18 month period. They researched the weather pattern and noticed that the sea level was not increasing during this time but decreasing. The research comes from the national center for atmospheric research or the NCAR. The worlds ocean levels have been rising gradually over the years. When they noticed that the ocean levels were dropping significantly, scientists decided to research it further. They say that there was so much rainfall over Australia in 2010 to 2011 that the worldly ocean levels dropped. During this period, the oceans dropped by 7 milliliters. the rainfall sank into the dry granular soil on the eastern coast of the country.most of the rainfall remained inland. It says that a lot of the water could have been soaked into the vast desert area in Australia known as the Outback. I think this article is very interesting and fascinating. I have never heard of a theory such as this one. I think it needs more research and more facts to convince everyone of this theory. It is interesting that the global water level did decrease during this time. I believe a lot more research should go into this topic, further proving the theory. I personally did not know that if was possible for the ocean levels to drop this much over an 18 month period. I feel like the ocean

can be temporarily lower, but it is crazy to think that much water can be soaked into Australia to change the worlds water levels. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/09/130905134100.htm

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