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Customer Service Essay

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Maximizing customer satisfaction and building customer value is vitally important in building a successful and prosperous retail business today. I would like to research what value is to a customer, and how to maximize customer satisfaction in today’s aggressive business environment. Not only customer satisfaction is an important tool utilized by the majority of business people today, to foster sufficient customer services within the organization requires through training and preparation by customer service representatives, and providing this training and incentives by management. The following information provides background on the proposed project. 

Background and history: In 1962 K-Mart discount store was established. Similarly, competitor, Wal-Mart was also established in the same year. Recently it was announced that Wal-Mart had reached the number one spot of the Fortune 500 companies in America. Also, it has been well known that for months K-Mart is once again in the throes of bankruptcy. Both retail giants reflect the efforts of the public’s perception of customer service. However, it seems as if K-Mart has the upper hand on customer satisfaction. The latter stores were sad to be often dirty, shelves disorganized, and the employees showed little or no interest in being helpful. These factors were the primary reasons of the failure to stay competitive.

On the other hand, Wal-Mart always seems to be bright and cheerful. The stores are said to be clean, organized and the employees seem eager to help. They even have “greeters” who welcome each individual shopper at the door upon entrance of the store. A simple gesture, but positively memorable. What is apparent however is the perception of shoppers. If customers feel important they will return. The customer is the final judge in all matters involving customers. It is the customer who will determine the quality of the service efforts. And the judgment is based solely on the...

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