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Cyber Crimes Essay

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High Crime Issues

Technology Crimes
January 10, 2013
Travis Allen

Some of the emerging issues in the area of high crime are Cyber-crimes, Environmental crimes, and Counterfeiting. Cyber-crimes that had happen were conducted by Symantec Corporation and was found to be 65% of internet users were victims of some kind of cyber-crime, including viruses and malware attacks, online scams, phishing attacks, hacking of social networking profiles, credit cards fraud and sexual predation. Cyber-crime is becoming a more lucrative criminal industry then the illicit drug trade, and generates over $100 billion dollars annually. (Israel, emerging_crimes/cybercrime/, JANUARY 2008)
Technology is always changing so there is more issues showing up that law enforcement can’t handle. The cost of train officers for computer forensic cost so much that resources are tight. To battle cyber-crime you will need to know a little about the software and forensic tools. You should also know something about IT hardware.
An environmental crime is another high issue in crimes. Environmental crime would include illegal trades in wildlife, smuggling of ozone-depleting substances, trade of hazardous waste illegal, unregulated, unreported fishing, and illegal logging and trade of timber. Environmental crimes will increase and affect the quality of air, water, and soil, threating the survival of species and causing uncontrollable disasters. The organization needed for these crimes indicates an link with other serious offences including theft, fraud, corruption, drugs and human trafficking, counterfeiting, firearms smuggling, and money laundering. (Israel, emerging_crimes/environmental/, JANUARY 2008)

Counterfeiting is another big problem that is a high issue. Counterfeiting threatens individual’s artists and inventors as well as small businesses and the most it threatens is the entrepreneur industries. The Bush Administration has made the promotion and protection of IP a major priority, and...

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