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Cyberbullying Essay

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  • on August 19, 2015
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Media Psychology (Com
Week 6 Discussion

Cyberbullying and Safety on the Internet

Cyberbullying is on the rise as a consequence we need to consider safety while utilizing the internet. Chapter 7 discusses “safety behind the screen”. Some people “retreat from real-world connections and become preoccupied with communicating in the cyber world, withdrawing into their own “TechnoCocoons”” (Rosen p. 124). Cyberbullyies, are showing signs of psychiatric communication disorders” (Rosen p. 124).   Bullies just repeatedly send threatening, rude, inconsiderate messages to someone without any empathy or without any consideration for the receiver’s feelings. Cyberbullying is similar to traditional bullying. Both involve an exchange of hurtful words and or threats to the victim(s).

Cyberbullying is somewhat more concerning than traditional bullying because the victims are unable to find a feeling of safety when going home, since the media is available at all times and can reach them wherever they go. It is thought that the victims of cyberbullying actually suffer more and have more negative effects due to the lack of escape (Burnett, p.266). This form of bullying is rarely punished, because most of the aggressors are anonymous online and law enforcement does not typically intervene in such situations unless there is immediate concern for one's safety” (Burnett, p. 266). This is what I think empowers them. They realize they can say just about anything they want to demean a person and there is no accountability for their verbal abuse. “One of the most common symptoms in communication disorders; is the inability to demonstrate empathy” (Rosen p 125).

We definitely, must establish laws protecting people from cyberbullies. This type of person has evil intents. They seem to be narcissistic with a lack of empathy. Cyberbullies were probably traditional bullies in some form or another; having the ability of being anonymous just takes it to another level. Because bullies...

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