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Daasd Essay

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Case Study Report
Julie’s Call Empowerment at Taco Bell

Group 2
0153037 Fatoumata Sanyang
0153035 Nicolas Ramirez
0153016 Venus Tseng
0153002 Ying Chou
0153001 Chris Hsu

1. List the problems in this case
Taco Bell has taken the empowerment route by flattening its management structure and increasing employee span of control.
And this move has caused consternation among employees unable to cope with the enormous performance expectations.
The training time is not enough, the result of lack of training is turnover has been high and need to re-evaluate.

2. Analyze causes and problems of the case
The founder of TACO Bell successfully created culture in the store. Employees perceived the store’s culture when they applied for the job that they had to learn new skills and be able to work independently. However, we cannot say there was a strong culture in Taco Bell. Employees generally liked the empowerment program, but on the other hand, there were some problems in the program as well.
When we starting talk about empowerment, first of all we need to define what’s the real empowerment.
Empowerment must contain three part, delegate,   enable, and also entrusted with the responsibility. But unfortunately in this case there are delegate and maybe entrusted with the responsibility, but not enable. So the employees doesn’t have enough skill or knowledge to complete the task they are order to do.
Firstly, the lack of proper training made it more difficult for employees to get a complete learning process, and resulted in high employee turnover.
Secondly, employees had to do the manager’s job, but unlike the “true managers” they did not get a much higher pay or incentive. There would not be enough motivation for employees to learn and do a lot of extra work, like in this case Darryl said “You get a little more money for being “empowered” but not for doing scheduling or something like that. That is just for variety. Money does matter at some point.”...

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