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Dancing on Pointe Essay

  • Submitted by: Cindywongwong
  • on January 6, 2013
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Dancing on pointe is a main goal in a ballerina's dance life. Dancing on pointe, or your toes, needs tremendous strength of the legs and feet.
      It is so different when you have the pointe shoes on. When you dance on pointe, it is a lot harder than dancing with your ballet slippers, you need to have very strong legs and energy to get on pointe. You have to point your feet with more strength every single time when your feet are not touching the ground. [If you do not point your feet, you will look like you are dancing character dance, not ballet.]And it is harder to point your toes when you have pointe shoes on, so we have to work twice times harder in pointe work.
    When we go on pointe we have to lift our upper body a lot, we can’t just sit on our legs and relax, we have to pull up a lot more than when we dance without pointe shoes on. If we just sit on the legs, you will easily get injured. Because when you are relaxing, actually you are giving more weight on your legs and your feet, so if we repeat doing that many times, one day you will get injured.
    Injuries can come very easily. You have to pay a lot more attention in pointe class. When teacher is explaining the exercise, do not day dream, you have to listen to the exercise and listen to her corrections, because if you don’t know what the exercise and corrections are, when you have to do it, you will easily get injured and you are not working your body, so that will be no use for dancing on pointe. When you have pointe shoes on that means you have to work a lot on your whole body, even your brain.
    When you go on pointe it is easier to sickle your feet, and this is not good. The first thing to fix the problem is to wear your pointe shoes correctly and then when you go on pointe look at the mirror and see if your foot is it sickling or not and put your weight in front then fix the problem. Remember to put your heels out, and show the side of your feet instead of your shin.
    When we are...

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